Be Strong Online is a digital resilience programme for young people from
The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign and Vodafone


Be Strong Online is a peer-led programme to help young people develop digital resilience.

Be Strong Online contains free resources on topics and covering digital issues like cyberbullying, social media, online privacy, selfies, gaming and much more! This programme empowers young people to be positive role online models to their peers and to help their peers navigate the online world safely.

The Diana Award runs Be Strong Online Ambassador training events to help young people embed the programme in their school or youth group. Click below for more information and to register your interest.

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FAQ Students
What is Be Strong Online?

The Diana Award has teamed up with Vodafone to create the Be Strong Online Ambassadors Programme which is part of The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign. Be Strong Online covers everything from gaming and selfies to privacy, apps and social networking. This programme will be led by young people, as part of a team of Be Strong Online Ambassadors. They will take action and raise awareness by running short sessions on digital issues. They will also promote positive digital online behaviour amongst other young people.

What does ‘peer-led’ mean?
Be Strong Online uses a peer-to-peer format: this means that instead of adults teaching young people it is the Ambassadors who will be teaching their peers (people in their school or youth group) by leading short digital skills and awareness sessions. We recognise that young people are the best agents for change in their schools and communities and are best placed to help their peers learn about the online world.
What is a Be Strong Online Ambassador?
The role of a Be Strong Online Ambassador is to raise awareness on digital issues and promote positive digital online behaviour. With the help of their staff leader and team members they will run short, engaging digital skills and awareness sessions teaching their peers about how to Be Strong Online
How old do I have to be to be an Ambassador?
The programme is aimed at secondary school aged students (aged 11-18). Be Strong Online Ambassadors will be running short sessions with students who are generally younger than them so we would recommend that you be in Years 8 or above (age 12+) to become an Ambassador.
How can I be part of the Be Strong Online programme?
If you are in Year 8 or above and think that this programme is exactly what your school or youth group needs, then you will need to talk to a member of staff to run it. Ask them to contact the Be Strong Online team on
What can I gain from becoming a Be Strong Online Ambassador?
Other than learning lots on digital issues, becoming a Be Strong Online Ambassador will help you gain or develop lots of skills: A key skill you will develop is how to facilitate a discussion with other students. That means, you will learn how to dig deeper on points that students raise in the session and keep the conversation going rather than moving straight to the next question. Speaking in front of people you don’t know requires confidence. By running Be Strong Online sessions you will gain lots of experience in speaking in front of people you don’t necessarily know. This will help you build up confidence, public speaking skills and presentation skills.
Can I be an Ambassador if I don’t know much about the 10 modules?
YES! Don’t worry if you don’t know much about the module topics. This programme aims to give every Ambassador the training they need to feel confident with the topic they run a session on. Your training will start with our full day training led by our staff and will later continue with the team training sessions run by your staff leader. The lesson plan and online platform will also be there to guide you and take you through how to run each activity step by step.
How can I learn more about the 10 modules?
There are ten modules in the Be Strong Online platform which aim to cover all aspects of our digital lives. Find out about the modules and download the resources you’ll need by checking out the module page.
How do the short Be Strong Online sessions work?
First up, with the help of the Be Strong Online staff leader, you and your team will choose a module you want to run a session on. After learning about the topic on the online platform and completing the training sessions with your staff leader, you and the team will run a short 20 min session with a group of young people. Each module follows this format:

  1. Intro
  2. Discussion about the topic (video)
  3. One 10 minute activity out of a choice of four
  4. Wrap-up, hand out follow-up activity sheet and Info sheets for students and parents

It is important to always have staff member present during the whole session, for instance a teacher or tutor. They are there to help you throughout the session.

Where can I go if I need advice or help?
If you have any questions which were not answered above ask a staff member or teacher for help or advice or contact us on


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