Get Creative when running your Be Strong Online Campaign

Raise awareness about how to Be Strong Online in your school or youth group by running a campaign!

You might not have the opportunity to reach everybody in your school through your Be Strong Online sessions. That’s why it’s a great idea to find fun and exciting ways to spread awareness on online issues and about the Be Strong Online programme!

We’ve put together some ideas to help you get started. Get creative and think about what would work best in your school or youth group!

Noticeboards and peer support sessions

Set up a noticeboard to let students know who the Be Strong Online Ambassadors team is, what your team will be doing this month, and how they can get in contact with you if they have any online issues they need advice on. For instance, you might run regular drop-in sessions for anyone who wants to speak to your team.

Have a Be Strong Online awareness day

Let other students know about your Be Strong Online work with an awareness day! Hang up banners, have an information stand, and run fun group activities.

Create a social media page and add students from your school

Post regular Be Strong Online tips and advice and share photos and videos about online safety and skills. Ask your staff leader for help setting this up.

Invite parents for a Be Strong Online eveninG

Each topic contains a parent info sheet, which has key advice and support for parents. An information evening is a great way to get parents involved with Be Strong Online and answer parents’ questions – you can hand out these info sheets too.

Create a survey

This is a great way to find out what students in your school or youth group know about online safety and skills, and what issues are affecting them. Ask your staff member to help you.

Run assemblies

Assemblies or talks are a great way to let students in your school or youth group know about the Be Strong Online programme and share information on different online issues. We have created a template to help you plan your assembly.

Stick posters around your school

Share key online safety messages on colourful posters around your school or at your youth club to spread the word on how to be strong online!

Hand out Be Strong Online leaflets

Pick out helpful info and key messages from the different Be Strong Online topics and make clear, colourful leaflets to hand out in school or at your youth club.

Make a video

You could interview students in your school or youth group with questions like “what’s your top online safety tip” and “what does it mean to you to be strong online”?

Act out a play

You could pick out a scenario from one of the modules and act it out to students in your group. This is a great way to get other students involved and learn more about the Be Strong Online programme.

The possibilities are endless! How are you going to spread your Be Strong Online message?


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