The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign Presents

Be Strong Online Modules

Lesson Plans

Click on the buttons below to see the lesson plan for each module. You will go through this with your Be Strong Online staff member in the training session.

  • My Digital Life
    In this module you will reflect on how the internet has changed our lives.
  • Cyberbullying
    This module is all about raising awareness about cyberbullying as well as encouraging positive online behaviour.
  • Coding and Creativity
    This module will help you answer the question ‘what is coding?’
  • Digital footPrint
    In this module you will explore how the things we post online can have an impact on our digital footprint.
  • Peer Pressure
    During this module you will learn about how peer pressure affects young people living their lives online.
  • Selifies and Self-Esteem
    This module explores the selfie phenomenon.
  • Critical Thinking Online
    In this module you will be looking at what it means to think critically online.
  • Social Media
    During this module you will have a look at how people act online and offline.
  • Power of Play
    The module of Power of Play will take a look at online gaming: addiction and screen time.
  • Digital Detox
    Digital Detox is the last of the ten modules of the Be Strong Online programme.